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AuraTransformation™ is a treatment method which powerfully activates the influx of the New Time energy. In short, an AuraTransformation™ provides a permanent and radical expansion of consciousness which anchors a synergy between your charisma, drive and intuition, together with physical action.

The AuraTransformation™ and the related expansion of consciousness implies many advantages on the personal and universal fronts. An AuraTransformation™ dramatically reinforces the impact of your individual energy field interface with physical reality. Therefore, you naturally and gracefully become less and less troubled by either smaller or larger challenges that may initially appear to be coming from outside of yourself. Your energy is not unconsciously fuelling hidden agendas and programs that your true inner self does not agree with. This releases a clear stream of energy from a reservoir that was formerly dammed up, stagnant, and murky. You obviously become more happy and focused.

AuraTransformation™ is not necessarily to be thought of as simply a healing method per se but primarily as a tool used for the benefit of individuals who want to upgrade and expand their consciousness to match the energies of the current times in which we are living.
An AuraTransformation™ lets the spirit energy of the aura open up for the new strong Indigo and Crystal energy impulses. It then delivers the impulses to the physical body via the balance aura body such that the physical body can translate the impulses into action.

An AuraTransformation™ in itself is not a quick fix solution to solving all of life's problems. Rather, it opens a doorway to a process of reclaiming your own power. AuraTransformation™ is not a substitute for qualified health care for the physical body and/or the mind and is not intended to cure diseases. AuraTransformation™ is intended for people who are relatively stable in their physical and mental health. Furthermore, it is especially important not to get an AuraTransformation™ when emergency professional help is needed.

AuraTransformation™ isn’t something you try out, just to see what it’s all about. An AuraTransformation™ is a permanent and thorough expansion of your personal consciousness and awareness with no option of regretting – once it’s done, it’s done!
Following an AuraTransformation™ you seriously begin to take shortcuts in life, but it’s you who do all the work. In the New Time, there’s nobody else who will do the job for you. Everything will at all times be based on your own effort in life to the fullest extent possible.

An AuraTransformation™ is performed by a well trained and qualified Aura Mediator™. The Aura Mediator™ works with pure balanced energy during the AuraTransformation™ which is completely integrated into the client’s energy system. The AuraTransformation™ jump starts a key personal evolutionary process beyond the artificially made illusions of duality and hierarchy consciousness. This affords a deep inner balance that can't be described in words. It simply has to be experienced.


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